16 10 2008

i am currently building a king tiger with a henschel turret (sd.kfz. 182).  it is a 1/35 scale dragon kit with a few photo etched parts.  i have been doing some research because one word haunts me …”zimmerit” ..!  i am trying to find an early zimmeritless variation.  thought i would start out with a nice simple project.


progress so far

16 10 2008

i haven’t had much time to spare over the past few weeks due to work and band stuff.  i did find a little time to install the suspension, exhaust and the drive sprockets.  this is the first model i have made in quite some time.  i was a fairly avid builder but things change and life happens.  i found out today that the next contest is in april.  so i have all winter to finish this one.  i would like to have three or more entries.  only time will tell.  i am excited about the build and about this new blog.  i am not a pro at this.  i do it because it is fun and relaxing not to mention the fact that i am a dork.  are there any other model blogs out there?  i have found a few but there must be more.  im off to the garage more to come

out of the box

3 10 2008

this is the first post of the plastic tank.  follow me on my journey of building 1/35 scale armor models.  today i opened a king tiger and started work imediatly.  stay tuned for more.